Welcome to the Sonic Fan Comics Wiki! We hope you enjoy your experience, but please follow the rules as stated below.

Vandal Policy

A highlight (a bad one, at that,) of many wikis is the vandalism. Here at the Sonic Fan Comics Wiki, we will NOT tolerate vandalism. Because of this, the following rules will be enacted:

  • 1st Offense
  • Ban: Up to 2 hours; vandalized pages will be cleaned up.
  • 2nd Offense
  • Ban: Up to 5 days; vandalized pages that are created by the vandal WILL be deleted.
  • 3rd Offense and beyond
  • Ban: Ranges from 6 days to a perma-ban; vandalized pages will be cleaned up.

Harassment Policy

HARASSMENT is like online bullying, which IS punishable by law. Because of this, all users who harass will be banned for 2 hours on the first offense. Any other offense WILL be a perma-ban.


Please, When making a page of a comic made by another person, Give credit to who wrote it, and where you got the information. If making a comic made by you, say that it's YOUR comic, and also if it's sprites, give credit to where you got them. Please, Prevent from swearing in pages as best you can. Happy editing!

Admins, feel free to edit this page as you wish.

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