Sonic The Hedgehog:Future of Mobius (a.k.a STH:FOM) is the next series after Sonic Universe. Written by me,and illstruated by me,this takes place 50 years AFTER the events of Sonic Universe 33-36. It's the year 371X,and Sonic has been crowned King of Mobius,and the Queen is Amy Rose (what? I kinda like Sonamy!),but Fiona Fox tried to marry Sonic 3 years ago,and she failed. Fiona plans her revenge on Sonic by teaming up with the New Dark Legion (now called Team Dark Legion). The Characters are King Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Queen Amy Rose,Shanic (one of Amy and Sonic's kids),Rosy Rose (the second of Sonic and Amy's kids),Fiona Fox,Scourge,Dark Enerjak (differnet person,not Knuckles),Sliver,Shadow,and Dr. Fintveus.

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